Installation for pipework on petrol tanks,
diesel generating systems and self bunded tanks

Installation of underground and above
ground petrol pipeworks

Pollution control systems & contamination excavation

Excavation, removal & recommissioning
of petroleum tanks

Petroleum & Environmental Services

4D Installations is an established company specialising in the fields of Environmental decommissioning of Service Stations and Fuel Depots, the construction of new petroleum fuel systems and the construction of new fuel and lubrication systems.
4D Installation’s Principals have extensive petroleum industry experience and provide outstanding technical and professional experience within its chosen field ensuring that all clients are provided with a solution to their business needs.

Installation of Petrol Tanks

Installation of new petroleum systems for service stations and depots, and Installation of underground and above ground petroleum tanks and pipework.

Excavation, Removal & Decommissioning of Tanks

Excavation & removal of petroleum tanks that are no longer required or unsuitable for storage, and decommissioning of underground fuel systems including abandoning of redundant tanks.

Pipework Installation

Installation for pipework on petrol tanks, diesel generating systems, and self bunded tanks.

Pollution Control Systems & Contamination Excavation

Installations of pollution control systems for service station forecourts and transport company washdown facilities. Excavation of contaminated soil.

Installation of Marina Fueling Systems

Installation of Marina Fueling Systems  in marinas for boating and boating industries.

Installation of Fiberglass & Concrete Rain Water Holding Tanks

Installations of fiberglass and concrete rain water holding tanks for industrial.

Spill Control

Environmental Legislation changes ever so frequently.

The most common question asked is in the event of an accident, what precautions have been put in place to protect firstly yourselves, your onsite environment and of course the off site environment.

This is known as your DUTY OF CARE.

4D Installations has a range of spill products that it believes will minimise the risk of personal injury and protect both on and off site environments.

The legal onus does not stop with the owners and management. All personnel on this site have a DUTY OF CARE.

In the event of an incident taking place, safety is our first priority. All personnel on site have a DUTY OF CARE to protect themselves and others around them. Once safe to do so the deployment of your spill products will reduce the impact the spill may have on the environment hence meeting your DUTY OF CARE.

4D Installations will work with you to meet your environmental obligations. For effective and efficient spill response and spill containment please browse our products and training options below:

  • Spill Kits
  • Storm Water & Sediment Control
  • Containment Pallets
  • Water/ Oil Separators
  • Safety Cabinets & Dangerous Goods Storage
  • Spill Response Training
  • Floor Bunding
  • Portable Spill Options
  • Drum Management Systems
  • Bulk Sorbents



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